This is a used bike sale. Bikes are sold as is and have been ridden by World Tour cyclists.


Q: When will the older model bikes be restocked? When will the current season’s bikes be added?

A: We plan to restock at the end of each race season. Due to the variability in schedules of riders and races, the release of bikes may be delayed and/or staggered without notice. Announcements will be made on this website and our social media as well as emails to those who sign up for restock notifications.

Q: How will duties and taxes be calculated for my purchase, and are they included in the price of the bike?

A: Purchases in the EU will be subject to tax. Outside of the EU duties and taxes vary greatly based on country of import, and these fees will not be included in the price of the bike. You are responsible for paying these yourself and we strongly encourage you to look into your local import tax laws as to what to expect.

Q: Where is my bike shipping from?

A: All bikes will be shipped from our service course in Girona, Spain*. Before being shipped to you, they will be reviewed, cleaned, and prepped by our team of professional mechanics.

Shipping usually takes two weeks from order placement to bike arrival.

*NOTE: For legal reasons, we cannot allow visitors to our facilities.

Q: Why can’t I find my country on the list of destinations for shipping?

A: If you are from one of the countries outside of our shipping zones we are very sorry but because our bikes are used, we have been told that our bikes will not be allowed through customs in your country.

Q: Can I purchase just a frame or other parts separately?

A: No, we are only offering the complete bikes.

Q: Is there anything else from the team available for purchase?

A: Currently we are only offering bikes here, but please check out our Team Merch site for loads of other EF Pro Cycling goodies.

Q: Who were these bikes used by?

A: These bikes have been ridden by members of the EF Pro Cycling team in top level races across the world. We cannot guarantee you will receive a bike from a particular rider, but the bike will come with a sticker marking its previous owner.

Q: How can I find out exactly which components will be on the bike I purchase?

A: We wish that we could fully spec out every bike that we sell, but since the bikes have been ridden by our pros, we cannot guarantee any components outside of what is listed on each product page. The good news is, we will leave the name plate of our rider on your bike so you can know exactly who rode your bike in the past!

Q: Are there any other parts I will need buy to use the bike?

A: To get your bike ready to ride you will need to get your own pedals and a Shimano Di2 charger (11s) or Shimano Di2 charging connector (12s) for the shifters. We also recommend that you get a helmet before riding, which you can purchase from our partner POC.

Q: How are the bikes sized; Are these bikes for men and women?

A: Please refer to Cannondale’s website for sizing information.

Note that these are men’s/unisex bikes when taking sizing into consideration.

Q: How will the bike arrive?

A: Handle bars, seats, and wheels may be removed for transport. The bikes will be packed into a cardboard box with the dimensions to fit in an airplane. We recommend you keep this box if you plan to travel in air with your bike.